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Sometimes these course are by Delta P alone, while others are taught in conjuction with other companies.

Public Safety Diving Medical Responder – 4 Days

The focus of the Public Safety Diving Medical Response (PSDMR) course is to train fire, police and SAR medics in responding to diving accidents, treating the patient on the way to the hospital or chamber, and function as an inside-tender if the need arises.

The course will be half classroom and half field work. Part of the field work will be exercises in diver extrication, examinations, equipment preparation, and patient transport.


Human Factors – Varies (1-4 Days)

These courses focus on the human aspects of operations, equipment design and accident investigation.


Helicopter Emergency Egress Device – Half-Day

This course provides all classroom and in-water training for the HEEDS/SEA and a national certification is provided.

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