Delta P is the Premier solution provider of aeromedical safety support services to the aerospace industry. Delta P provides scientifically-based solutions to benefit the long-term physiological needs of aviation flight crews and related personnel. Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Delta P’s aerospace physiology and safety (Aeromedical Safety) related products and services are available for as-needed consultations, after action reviews, and as well as long-term aeromedical program implementation solutions.

Aerospace Physiologists who are qualified Aviation Safety Officers as well are commonly called Aeromedical Safety Officers (AmSO). The important point is that we are operational personnel, not researchers.  The focus is not only on the pilot and co-pilot, but the entire flight crew, including flight medics, rescue swimmers, special operatons personnel, etc.  Even though Delta P is a one-person company, I specialize in maintaining access to the very best resources for creating customized and efficient teams for each new project. This is the most cost-effective way to deliver to you the highest quality team for your individual needs. Essentially, Delta P is a team of people specifically brought together to meet your needs.

Delta P is concerned with changes in physiological parameters associated with the aerospace environment. We bridge the gap between flight surgeons, researchers and the flight crews. Our expertise is employed in the operational support and training of aviators and flight crews to encourage the anticipation of the physical challenges associated with aviation. Delta P incorporates practical aspects of physiology and human factors into flight preparation to ensure that flight crews are aware of the impact on operations of issues such as fatigue, stress, nutrition, fitness and circadian rhythms.

Essentially, the goal of the Delta P is to increase the efficiency and safety of the aircrew and others participating in air operations in order to ensure OPERATION COMPLETION. We do this by providing aeromedical consultation, and identifying and countering aeromedical threats facing today’s law enforcement, fire department, and EMS aviators.  Delta P is concerned with all tasks within the flight crew. Additionally, we  provide human factors courses, diving medicine courses, and rescue swimmer courses.

Delta P is a verified vendor with the federal government.


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