Why do this? First and foremost, this program is about PREVENTION.  This particular question, however,  can be answered from two different perspectives. The first is the same as the reason the military currently uses AmSOs: for the health and safety of the flight crews. There is no reason today for someone to choose to pursue a career in aviation, and expect to retire with some form of disability, whether it be hearing loss or neuromuscular damage. Delta P can develop mitigation programs to address such issues. Along with this, as the threat of terrorism against American cities increases, a greater demand on the flight crews will exist. This could escalate quickly and last for a significant duration; Delta P can support the crews during this off-nominal tempo.

Secondly, considering the current economic times: Focusing on human performance provides financial benefits as well. At the operational/field level, Delta P can increase efficiency which means reduction of human error which results in greater safety. At the supervisor/unit manager level, increased efficiency results in increased productivity, or more “bang for the buck”. Finally, at the corporate/shareholder/leadership level, by increasing efficiency and productivity and safety, they are getting a better return on their investment. In other words, the governing body gets more for the money they funded for purchasing and maintenance of the aviation operations.

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