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Dan Deutermann
Managing Director at The Squadron, Inc

Aeromedical Safety Officers (AmSOs) provide essential training to high reliability aviation organizations. They provide expertise in physiology (fatigue, spatial disorientation, energy drinks, etc.), water survival training, aviation life support systems (ALSS), CRM to aviation communities and medical treatment facilities. I view the training provided by an AmSO as a true force multiplier for any aviation organization because the information helps to counter the physiological threats commonly faced by the operators. The information shared helps them focus on mitigating the environmental or self-imposed limitations that could diminish the flight crews’ capabilities.

Dr. Crosson has served as an AmSO for many years supporting “Public Safety” and non-DoD communities. He does so not only by teaching classes but through embedding into the units as well. This strategy enables him to directly achieve the primary goal of preventing problems early in order to reduce issues related to physiology and human error. In my opinion, it also has earned him a reputation as being more operational vice just a researcher.


Brian L. Amos
Deputy Commander, Arizona Department of Public Safety Aviation Bureau

Dr. Crosson has been our consultant for over three years and his academic/institutional knowledge combined with his individual people skills has allowed him to become a valuable asset to our Aviation Bureau as a whole and to each of our team members at the personal level. His focus is on human performance aspects as it relates to everything in aviation, from SMS to AME questions and issues. His valuable insight into aviation safety has greatly enhanced the overall safety culture of our crew members, both collectively and individually. His consulting service and personal dedication is valued and represents first class service to our organization and the aviation community.


Doug Russell
Chief Pilot/Deputy, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division

Dudley Crosson is an expert in the area of Aeromedical Safety. His insight and knowledge have been a boon to my agency and flying program. He has an innate ability to communicate complex topics in a direct and understandable format, providing time critical advice to his clients. He has earned my strongest personal recommendation.


Rex Alexander
Senior Consultant, Member and Co-Founder at HeliExperts International LLC

Dudley Crosson is a true pioneer in the field of aeromedical safety and one of the best instructors on the subject that I have had the pleasure of knowing in my 30 plus years of aviation. Even while working in the aeromedical transport industry for over 19 years I have yet to find anyone that has his in-depth knowledge and mastery of this extremely fundamental and important topic. Dudley offers a unique and critical training curriculum that the majority of the programs in our industry are woefully deficient in. Dudley provides a keen and unparalleled insight into human physiology as it pertains to the aviation and aerospace operational environment that no aviation program should be without. Time and again this type of training has been proven to save lives and Dudley is by far one of the best at providing it.

Bryan Smith
Deputy – Pilot at Lee County Sheriff’s Office

As the safety manager of a large, international association I have used Dudley to help provide aeromedical information and guidance for our program on a continuous basis. Dudley has always been able to deliver information, solutions and education on aeromedical safety issues that have a significant impact on our member agencies. More importantly, with each identified issue, Dudley is able to offer reasonable and effective solutions to address the problem.


Kenneth Solosky
Director of Security, Lenox Hill Hospital

Dr. Dudley Crosson is at the forefront of Aeromedical Safety and has taught, lectured and worked with many agencies in improving their safety awareness and education.

Highly recommended!


Don Roby
Captain at Baltimore County Police Department

Dudley is an excellent instructor and expert in the Aeromedical field. His classes are well received by the students and his instruction is very relevant to modern aviation units.